From the Original Project

(Note: bios may be outdated...)

Dr. Juliette Levy

(who eats cupcakes, not brains)


twitter: @profjuliette


Professor Levy’s UCR faculty webpage

Steve Anderson: creative director and webmaster


Steve is a PhD candidate in 20th Century American History at the University of California, Riverside. His dissertation focuses on mainframe computers in popular culture during the 1950s and 1960s. Steve is a coordinating member of Critical Digital Humanities at UC Riverside, a research collective of graduate students and faculty. Steve also works with the UCR Library on digital projects.

Matt Bouchard: game master


Matt is currently a PhD student in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto and a researcher with the Semaphore Games Research Cluster. His dissertation work examines player meaning-making in minimalist games. More broadly, Matt is working on video game design, experimental interface design, visualization, and implementation advocacy. Professionally, he is an implementation and technology consultant for research groups and even a few businesses.

Andy Keenan: game master


Andy is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information and Semaphore Games Research Cluster. Andy has experience as a new media and information studies scholar, exploring how users encounter unfamiliar objects and critically evaluating the relationships between audiences and media. His current research looks at player experience in video games with a specific focus on the differences in gameplay practices between expert and novice players.

From this Adaptation of the Project

Benni: semi-professional nerd


Benni is a Master of Library and Information Science student at the University of Washington. They adapted this project for the class LIS 529: Digital Humanities Librarianship, attempting to make the project feel more interactive while adapting it to the collections of the University of Oregon Libraries (where they work). Benni lives with their tuxedo cat, Coco, in Springfield, Oregon. The design of this website was largely taken from a website that Benni made for Coco in a previous term. Picture this website as it is, only all of the photos on the site are of fluffy kittens -- that's what it looked like while they were working on this project. Having fun yet?